Sustainability of Craftsmanship
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January 30, 2022

Sustainability of Craftsmanship

MAOTA is a Japan based apparel brand. With a focus on Sustainability of Craftsmanship MAOTA focuses on textiles and patterns. Quality, timelessness, longlasting, craftsmanship and comfort in movement. Heritage inspires the future.

With continuous support from local craftsmen MAOTA commits to a maintained visible production. They are based only a short distance to  weaving mills, yarn factories, dyeing mills and production factories in Japan, making possible frequent visits and keeping the production local and close to home. MAOTA uses high quality yarns which are the base to unique textures, shapes and colors. Yarn is the beginning.

"The idea is not to show off your skill, use it instead in places people don't see, And always keep finding ways to make improvements. Never stop tweaking- that’s the bedrock of craftsmanship."

MAOTA's garments are slowly made in Japan. They believe that working closely with the craftsmen they ensure a stable future for them and the future generations.
This is the reason they offer pre order and produce only what has been ordered. They are a husband and wife team and their passion is to create garments that are high quality from yarn to finish. They don't like talking much about themselves and would rather have their products speak for them.

Man and Woman on a beach hill
Man wearing Plaid Shirt with Denim Like Pants at the beach
Woman wearing plaid shirt with a denim like jacket at the beach
Woman crouching with shorts, plaid shirt and denim like jacket at the beach
Woman wearing beige jacket and pants with white shirt on a beach with grass background
blurry grass in front of a woman looking dreamy into the camera
woman raising hands with a black jacket and wearing shirt and shorts at the beach
man sitting on a wooden tree stem wearing denim like jacket and shorts with wood background
blurry plants in front of a man wearing denim like jacket and shorts
woman in front of a dark forest wearing a tailored oversized jacket and shirt
man looking dreamy with a beige jacket and light green shirt in front of a fence
woman wearing shibori shirt her face covered in tree leaves
man looking at the ocean from a beach fence with tailored jacket and black pants
woman dancing with a denim like jacket
blurry picture of a woman on a beach with a beige jacket
man looking down with a beige jacket and light green shirt
blurry woman wearing a shibori shirt with a dark blue sky
blurry man walking towards camera with shibori shirt
blurry man holding arm at his head wearing a shibori shirt and black pants
blurry plants with a man in the background wearing denim like jacket
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Colors live deeply in life and culture as many paintings, textiles, ceramics, poetry and literature. For example, the beauty of colors are reflected in traditional wear created by the wisdom and delicate sensibilities of the Heian women, the simple and robustness seen in the samurai society of the Middle Ages, the shimmering colors of the Sengoku warlords, and the Yamashimizu.  A quiet atmosphere that seeks harmony with the light, and the world of wabi sabi and loneliness. The colors of Japan have been added in the course of history are beautiful and elegant.

MAOTA aims to focus on traceability and they have been following some of their yarn’s journey from the very beginning. From choosing the yarn, the dye colors to the weaving strength, they feel very fortunate to work face to face with craftsmen to create their MAOTA fabric.  

The final step to finish MAOTA'S garments is made at a local garment factory in Gifu, Japan. Their excellent skill in pattern making, sewing and the delicacy they bring into finishing the garment has brought them a high worldwide reputation. They are based only a short distance to the garment factory and their friendship has been 20 years. MAOTA is beyond grateful for their support.

Interview with Ruby Pseudo

Interview with Senken Shinbun (Japanese)

photos by Gui Martinez

Models: Julia Abe, Image Models & Rogerio Igarashi

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