Spring & Summer 2022 Creative Direction
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March 22, 2022

Spring & Summer 2022 Creative Direction

Spring & Summer 2022 Creative Direction Simplicity- From the city to the suburbs, a place where you can spend your days comfortably and personallyWe are at a turning point to the values ​​we seek.

Against the backdrop of sustainability

Continuing the new normal lifestyle with increased home time, housework between remote work and how to balance work and family.
Changes have been made in the way of spending and working, such as home cooking, making sweets and DIY.
From the city to the suburbs, a place where you can spend your days comfortably and personally

We are at a turning point to the values ​​we seek.

What is the value of clothes required in such an era and what is the reason for purchasing them?

A big reset is needed to get the idea back. It's time to clarify the purpose of restarting.

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Carefully made things that can be kept for longevity

Paper, which is said to be the most primitive textile, will be reviewed as an influential material in the future. It is used for wrapping, weaving, shaping, and sometimes for clothes and accessories. And even now that the Internet has developed, we still send each other letters and cards.
From the perspective of environmental issues, paper has recently been re-evaluated as an innovative alternative to plastic. In chaotic everyday life, paper quietly becomes the saviour of fashion design and inspires materials.


Fancy beyond gender differences that give joy and power to the heart

As existing social models change and new values are built, we find new joy and satisfaction in our daily lives. Delicate kraft paper to add to making sweets, your favourite room wear to make your home time special. Rethink romance and look at the beauty of everyday life. Romance is an indispensable presence that adds glamor to everyday life.

Slow Life

To coexist with nature

As the environmental destruction that accompanies the development of modern civilisation spreads, the distance from nature is increasing. With the threat of the pandemic as a trigger, we are entering a turning point where each individual asks and reconsiders how to live. Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and incorporate remote work and a slowed down life cycle. A daily standard wardrobe with functionality and toughness that coexists with nature, praises the power and beauty created by precious nature and fuses the culture and technology cultivated so far.

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