A Masterpiece of Museum Architecture
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December 6, 2022

A Masterpiece of Museum Architecture

Where Koromo Castle once stood in the city of Toyota, located in Aichi Prefecture, a beautiful, modern museum stands out in the quiet suburban area, the Toyota Municipal of Modern Art.

The museum is massive and astonishing, but at first glance it is not obvious. One must take a green path leading to the museum. The Toyota Municipal of Modern Art holds many modern art exhibitions and includes a wide range of art from Japan and overseas spanning from the modern era to contemporary art.

Designed by architect Taniguchi Yoshio and by landscape designer Peter Walker, the surrounding garden harmonises with the architecture. Located on the second floor an expanse of water gives a refreshing, almost warm feeling to the cool and monumental architecture. Leading from the expanse of water symmetrical and irregular geometric shapes cover the two gardens

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Next to the museum is a traditional Japanese teahouse, Doji-an teahouse, where you can feel the‘omotenashi’ of a local matcha with a seasonal sweet, called ‘wagashi’ or at the Doji-an teahouse, served with a local thick matcha called ‘omogashi’. The entirety of the museum is a work of art, ending it with a casual table-style matcha is the ultimate experience of the philosophy ofJapanese hospitality.

Address: 8-5-1 Kozakahonmachi, Toyota-shi, Aichi-kenTel: 0565-34-6610?Hours: 10:00 A.M. to 5:30 P.M. (last admission 5:00 P.M.)

Written for Trendland by guest writer Alisa Ota Tietboehl


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