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Alisa Ota Tietboehl
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I am a Graphic and Communication Designer and graduated from a private art school in Germany. My career led me to experience different perspectives of the design industry from graphic and print, apparel and textiles.
What kind of work do you offer?
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My services include Trend Forecasting, Graphic Design (Logo, Web, Branding, Print etc.) and I am also a Creative Consultant, Video Editor, Creative Director.
Who takes your photos and videos?
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My husband, Masaaki Ota is the one behind the beautiful photos and videos. He shoots them and I edit them. Unless otherwise stated, I credit underneath my photos who took them or where they are from. If there is no credit, I took the photographs and some are scans from my family's travels and life.
Where are you from and based?
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I was born in Bonn, Germany with a Japanese mother and German father. I grew up in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Kyoto, Japan, Madrid, Spain, Tokyo, Japan and Bonn, Germany. I am currently based in Tokyo.
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